Millions from Idea Sex

How to make millions with idea sex is a great article by entrepreneur James Altucher.  He suggests that groundbreaking ideas are rare, but big money is possible from combining two or more existing ideas.

The article cites Sam Weston – the inventor of G.I. Joe – as an example. Weston took a soldier doll, gave it a gun, and sold it to Hasbro for $100,000.  Hasbro has made over a billion dollars from G.I Joe and related.

You can do this too.  Pick two ideas that improve people’s lives and make millions in the process.

Start a list of things that make people happy or lives better.  Combine two or three and sell it to a big company that can mass produce it.

Altucher’s article is here:

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Uber for Work and Play

Car in the shop?  Headed to a binge-party?  Need a lift to the airport?  Taxis are the automatic answer, but consider another option – Uber.  Not just for rides, but also to make money. Like driving a taxi, Uber is a home business – you control your day.

Uber offers on-demand rides that “uses everyday cars for everyday use.”  Signing up to be an Uber driver is not hard.  Follow the simple steps below and be available, when you want, where you want.

According to the site, Uber is in 58 countries.  Here is a partial list of some of the cities in the United States.

Uber Cities

I live in Chicagoland and Uber defaulted to Chicago on log in.  Below are some of the conditions if you apply:

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Make Money with a Startup

Making money with a start-up is fairly simple: find a product or service that people need, prototype it, make changes based on feedback, and find an investor to fund the project.

Repeat this as many times as possible, and if wanted, sell the business or list it on the stock exchange,

Below is an Infograph that shows you how to make money with a start-up.  Many entrepreneurs have done this and you can too.





Make Money Online

One question I often hear or read is: How do I make money online?

The Internet provides a lot of ways to make money.  Most are not quick-pay and you will need to work a little, but options are available.

The list below is long and separated by category.  It is not complete and readers may have suggestions.  Feel free to add them in comments.

eBooks and Related

Smashwords (online publisher and aggregator for iBooks, Kobo, Oyster, and others)

Amazon (Kindle) online publisher of eBooks

Google Books and Google Play  online seller (distributor) of eBooks

Copywriting and Content Writing

iWriter  – write content for websites, articles, eBooks

elance  – writing, translating, design and much more

upwork (formerly – writers, virtual assistants, web developers and more

Fiverr – copywriting, resume writing, creative writing, much more


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Starting A Business

Setting up your own business is a challenge.  Business plans, legal and accounting, location, product or service…

Too many options, decisions, and choices.  What to do first?

Today’s Infograh – Setting up your own business – should help any potential business owner.

Starting a business is not an easy choice.  Hopefully, this information will make that decision a little easier.



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