Starting A Business

Setting up your own business is a challenge.  Business plans, legal and accounting, location, product or service…

Too many options, decisions, and choices.  What to do first?

Today’s Infograh – Setting up your own business – should help any potential business owner.

Starting a business is not an easy choice.  Hopefully, this information will make that decision a little easier.



Click on the Infograph to make it bigger and open in a new window.

Social Media Sites for Small Business


Your small business or home business needs social media.

There are hundreds of active social media sites.  Ever hear of Advogato?  Me neither.

Which should you use?  Below is an Infograph with the major social media sites and how to use them.

FYI, is a resource for free software developers around the world, and a research testbed for group trust metrics and other social networking technologies.



Small Business is going Green

Small business is going green.  Green is good for the environment and for small business.  Little things like recycling ink cartridges or using CFL light bulbs.  Save a lot of money by saving little bits, here and there.

Below is an Infograph on going green for small business



Domain Name Generator

Starting a new business?  Lots of paperwork and legal stuff to do.  Before you sign any forms – check for a domain.

Use Bust A Name that generates lots of domain names.  Bust A Name dot com features include: domain name searches, a word combiner, and a domain maker.

Using the word combiner, enter keywords until hitting a domain name you like.

I added these Keywords in order:

– domain

– name

– maker

– here

Results: and

Not very fun.

Try the maker feature.  The maker uses a set prefix or suffix and number of characters.   Choose from very natural to less natural to somewhat natural.  Here is an example:

Prefix: smile, very natural, 10 characters or less

Results (just the first page):
After you find that perfect domain name, check the major social media sites too: Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+
smile photo