Work from Home with Udemy

A big want is to work from home.  This post covers an option for making money from home with Udemy.

Udemy describes itself as an online learning marketplace with over 32,000 courses recorded.  Educational topics range from programming to photography and are recorded by one of 18,000 “expert instructors.” The classes are stored online, available in 80 languages, and can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Udemy claims to have paid out 17 million dollars to its top instructors and has a potential student base of 7 million in 190 countries. Potential instructors begin at udemy’s teaching hub and after recording a class, need to choose a marketing option.  Teachers are free to market their own classes, but novices will need to market and brand on their own.  Udemy will promote, but at a 50% charge against any revenue earned.  In either case, Udemy will handle all customer service, transactions, and hosting,

Udemy suggests some instructors use a pricing model of $10 to $30 per hour of course content.  The secret to success on Udemy is to create a valuable, expert class that is viewed by many.  A $10 course viewed by only 100 people gives the teacher $5000, if Udemy promotes it.  Their revenue sharing model is below:
Udemy Revenue Chart

Are you an expert in a field?  Maybe yoga or investing?  Get paid for what you know by using Udemy.




Will iPad Soon be iHad

Many articles speculate that the iconic tablet, the iPad may soon be the iHad as users depend more on smartphones.

According to an Time tablet sales in Time magazine online, tablet sales are decreasing, year over year.  It isn’t just iPad sales that are declining.  Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet fell 70% in the 4th quarter of 2014.  Apple’s iPads and Samsung tablets both dropped 18% in 4th quarter comparisons to 2013.

There seem to be a few reasons for this drop.  People are holding onto their tablets longer, smartphones are replacing tablets as the hot device, and an article in TechRepublic suggests that regular keyboards are preferred. While some tablets have an external keyboard, it means carrying another device.  With similar prices, why not stick with a laptop?

Are tablets falling out of favor? A survey from ecoATM found nearly one in 10 tablet owners are no longer using their device (PRNewsFoto/ecoATM)
Are tablets falling out of favor? A survey from ecoATM found nearly one in 10 tablet owners are no longer using their device (PRNewsFoto/ecoATM)


An article in TechCrunch last month indicates that tablet sales have plateaued.  The market is fairy saturated it suggests.

There is an upside.  Employees are increasingly using tablets to supplement or in addition to workplace computers.  No article attempted to predict the future of tablet sales, but certainly the luster is lost, barring a radical change.

Creating MSCreations – a Success Story

Homepreneurs has not run a home business success story in a while.  In this post, we cover creating mscreations, a home business success story.

I am very familiar with this story – it is mine.  To summarize, I identified an under-served market and created a plan to fill that niche.  mscreations is an e-commerce website exclusively for artisans that have multiple sclerosis.  It is similar to Etsy or eBay, but considerably smaller and focused on a subset of the population.

mscreations gives artists a chance to display and sell products without getting lost in a huge market like other online sellers.  Further, a portion of every sale is donated to multiple sclerosis research causes.  Win-win for both artist (income) and ms research (donations).

A nice article was written about my endeavors in an online magazine – The Pioneer – for the University of Wisconsin – Platteville.  The website went live on Saturday, August 1st, 2015 and as of today, August 3rd, it already has over 1100 views.

Will this effort be successful in the long-term?  I can’t predict that – too many variable are involved. I can say with confidence that I gave this project my very best effort, both as a project manager and as a founder.

If you are interested in artwork, crafts, jewelry, photography, and other visual arts, take a look at mscreations and benefit a good cause.

The magazine article:

Passive Income From EBooks

Passive income through eBooks is great.  Write an eBook, let it sit on Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks or Google play and reap the royalties, month after month.

I have somewhere around 10 eBooks available in non-fiction and fiction categories (under various pseudonyms). No new eBooks in 2015 and most published between 2012 to 2014.

From eBooks, I receive royalties when purchased.  The eBooks are available on various platforms, including: Amazon, Smashwords (iBooks, Barnes and Noble, et al.), and Google Play Books. Amazon and Google pay monthly and Smashwords pays quarterly. Below are my recent earnings from Amazon and Google as directly deposited into my account:


Amazon Deposit - June

google deposit - July


This is not much money, I concede.  However, none are newly published, most are priced at $0.99 USD, and I did not market or “sell” them. Nothing I’ve written and published is especially memorable or innovative.  Readable, yes, and entertaining or useful, yes.  Great prose or enlightening substance – no.  The eBooks sell though, and I am forever grateful to my readers.

My point is that you can make money from eBooks for months or years and supplement your income.  Put some effort into the work and market it (I did not) and you may make much more. The best part?  I wrote these eBooks at home, once, and make money every month from sales of the original work. Did I mention that eBooks are a perfect home business idea?

Once again, if I can do this with some success, so can YOU!

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79 Side Hustle Business Ideas

79 Side Hustle Business Ideas is a page on a great home business idea website by Nick Loper.

In addition to ideas like affiliate marketing, app development, and tutoring, also mentioned by homepreneurs, Loper adds many others:

– Building an authority website

– Furniture making

– Junk Hauling

– Movie extra

And many more.

Loper’s website is full of ideas and suggestions for starting a business from home.   If you want to make a little extra on the side, Side Hustle Nation is worth a look.

hustle photo