Work from Home Positions

We’d be negligent in our duties if we didn’t suggest possible work-at-home (WAH) positions on this blog.  This most relevant issue demands that we post ideas for WAH jobs on a regular basis.  As always, please feel free to comment with some ideas or jobs that fit into the Homepreneurs concept.

Even during difficult economic times, some positions are absolute.  Doctors, lawyers, police and fire are examples in the private and public sectors.  For the homepreneur, tight budget times and high-unemployment periods can actually provide opportunity!  Companies are more likely to outsource certain positions rather than keep or add to staff and individuals look for ways to save money.  In this spirit, here are three positions that a homepreneur might consider:

1) Collections Work – granted this is a touchy position for many, but home collectors with low overheard and without the pressure of corporate results can be more successful.  Those with second language skills also have an added advantage.  Be aware that some states require licenses for collection agencies.  Additional information can be found at

2) Cleaning Services – an always in-demand field in the residential sector, economic downturns provide opportunity with companies wishing to outsource staff.  Additionally, look at office complex possibilities or a local real estate office (for sale properties need cleaning too!)  Some cleaning services are franchised: and are two larger ones.

3) Tutoring and Adult Education – growth of the Internet has grown this industry in addition to the face-to-face aspect.  Two sites that can help develop a clientele are and  Many others exist as well – search the Internet for opportunities.

The above three suggestions are but a sampling of ideas for the potential homepreneur.  As homepreneurs grows, so too will its content and listing of possibilities.  Check back with us on a regular basis for additional suggestions.