Tips and Advice for Start Ups

As mentioned in a previous  post, a recent survey we commissioned yielded some very interesting information from current home business owners.  One of the questions asked:  “Do you have any tips/suggestions for those considering entrepreneurship?”  Here are some results:

1)  Make sure you are properly pricing your product or service.

2) Don’t let others force your business to be a 24/7 operation. If you run a 24/7 operation, it should be because YOU chose it to be 24/7. And if so, you should be compensated dearly for providing this service.

3) Be realistic. It takes time to turn a profit. It’s harder than being a corporate
employee. It keeps you awake at night more. If you’re not ready for that, you
might not be ready for being a business owner.

4) Always prepare your business plan with conservative projections.

5) Create a plan, make a dream and work towards them

These tips come from business men and women that have operated as successful independents for many years.   Sage advice from the “been there – done that” crowd.