Home Business Ideas that Pay Well

Some wonderful ideas come from other sources:  Here are some work at home suggestions from my cousin – Duane – in California.  Duane has run several successful businesses including ones based primarily from home.   Most of his ideas require a state license; do a little homework first.  None require a college degree or large start up cost.

For any individual in the insurance industry already licensed or willing to get licensed in their state of residence, selling “Health Insurance” is very lucrative.  Most health companies permit a licensed agent to sell directly from their homes; no office required.  The same is true for Long Term Care Insurance; though a bit more complicated than Fire/Casualty & Life Insurance sales, LTC policies have much larger one-time commissions.

Many Fire & Casualty sales people add one or both of these products to their portfolio towards the end of their careers.  Reasons include the  “No Office Required” factor and the residual income generated (paid on every renewal) for the life of the policy.

Another appealing and potentially lucrative home profession involves Professional Trustee/Estate Administration.  Though state certification is required, no college degree or classes are needed for the certification.  This is a great profession for someone with a background in real estate, financial planning, insurance, accounting or any combination thereof.  In California, most Trustees charge – depending on their experience – around $150 per hour or a percentage of the gross value of the estate per annum.

Thank you cousin, for these very interesting and helpful suggestions!