More Home Job Ideas

For those seeking jobs for extra money and needed in many areas, here are some suggestions. These positions often pay in cash and can help to supplement unemployment income. Warning to all: Not reporting income from work on your taxes is not recommended by the the-small-biz-pro and runs the risk of IRS audits.

None of the following requires much start up capital; you can start a real business on a shoestring.

Here is a list of possibilities – please feel free to add more!

– Dog Walker or pet care

– Elder care, helper or babysitter (note: any positions involving specific medical care typically requires state licensing).

– Baby sitter – even adults can do this and are often more desirable. Be prepared with references.

– Day care – same as above and states tend to have limits on the number of children under care at any one time without a business license.

– Handyman – can you use a hammer and screwdriver? Know some basics of home repair? Any advanced projects may require specialized training and insurance. Again, be prepared with references.

– Pizza delivery – have a car? This job is local and always in demand.

– Store shelf stocker – many large companies (e.g. Kraft) use independents to stock certain target market stores.

– Storage unit buyer – self-storage companies regularly have auctions of storage lockers in default. You end up buying all contents of a locker, site unseen, and can end up with junk or a bonanza of value. Many of these items can be taken to consignment stores or sold on E-Bay.

– House foreclosure cleaning service – when a bank takes a property over, an outside company is hired to clean up the property.  Other companies are hired to do needed repairs to before the house goes on the market.