Establishing Your Home Workspace – Part 9

This is an excerpt from Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Homebased Business Handbook by James Stephenson and Rich Mintzer available from Entrepreneur Press .

Home Office Library
All successful entrepreneurs share a common trait–they never stop searching for ways to become better businesspeople through education. And because time is always in high demand but short supply, the best way to educate themselves and find information that will make them better businesspeople is by purchasing and reading books, reports, magazines, directories, and journals. In fact, most successful businesspeople take pride in their business libraries.

For these reasons, you should start purchasing business-related publications so that you can build your own valuable business library. Even with the internet as a powerful research and educational tool, books are handy: you can take them on the plane or read them in bed. They help you check facts quickly, without having to log onto the Net and conduct searches for the information. The internet is an invaluable business tool, but the combination of a well-stocked and varied business library and key websites gives businesspeople access to all the information they need.

You will also want to subscribe to journals that are aimed at your specific business or industry. When you come across ideas in print that will work for your business, cut the article out and place it in an idea folder for later use. Prime topics that you should include in your business library include:

  • Small business accounting, bookkeeping, and taxation
  • Sales and marketing
  • Business and marketing planning
  • Administration and management
  • Internet, website building, and e-commerce
  • Advertising and public relations
  • Personal and business goal setting
  • Customer service
  • Industry, product, service, and manufacturers’ directories and source books
  • Time management and organization

A good source for used books is AbeBooks which boasts in excess of 45 million used books for sale in every imaginable category. Amazon is also a good source for new and used books. is an online directory listing in excess of 150,000 domestic and international print and electronic publications, including magazines, journals, e-journals, and newsletters. Also check with your local library about book sales; most sell titles for a fraction of what they cost new.

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