Is Your Home Appropriate for a Business?

Not all residences are suitable places for a business.  Zoning laws, landlords, electrical codes, legal issues, and Internet access may limit or make unattractive the property under consideration.  Listed below are examples of potential roadblocks when considering your home as a place of business.  We suggest you thoroughly investigate these before investing time and money

  • Access for clients or employees and available parking
  • Neighbors and the residential area as a whole
  • Safety and security concerns for yourself and clients and/or employees
  • Insurance needs – is a basic homeowners policy adequate?
  • Work and storage space – refer to our previous posts on work space
  • Electrical and mechanical requirements, including phone and Internet lines
  • Zoning laws – municipal, county, and state regulations may apply
  • Pollution concerns – including physical waste, noxious odors, and noise
  • Laws regarding employees working from your home business

The above are vitally important to consider prior to launching any home business.  Violations of local laws may cause immediate business shut down and/or fines for the business and you, as proprietor.  Zoning variations, construction permits, and facility upgrades (e.g. electrical, building) may be necessary in certain situations.  These issues should not be ignored or avoided; address them prior to investing valuable time and money.


by Dion D. Shaw

Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs.