Using Google Analytics

Google analytics provides in-depth geographic information about visitor origin (e.g. country, state) and type of browser, etc. Some of this data is quite helpful when considering what products to offer. A local dry cleaner isn’t likely to get clients that aren’t within a very limited radius. On the other hand those selling rare comic books may have a worldwide clientele. Site analytics are very valuable, especially if used over time and as a baseline. If your site had consistent traffic and suddenly uptrends or downtrends over a few weeks, what changed?

How To Set Up A Facebook Page

There are 500 million active users on Facebook—it’s about time you get in on the action and start a Facebook Page for your business. After all, the best marketing reaches out to consumers where they already are, and people spend more than 700 billion hours a month on the site. Exposure to that many eyeballs could translate to a lot of business for your company.