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A question was posed by Homepreneurs visitor Daniest on Legitimate Surveys That Pay CashI am interested in the online surveys but I reside in Nigeria-Africa. Do I qualify to participate?

First, thank you for reading and commenting on Homepreneurs, Daniest.  We very much appreciate your visit and the feedback.

From ‘s FAQ section on their website:

Are there surveys available outside of the United States?

We will have surveys that require the participation of our international panel members. If you are a member of the international community, you will be invited to applicable surveys as they arrive. We will continuously add more surveys for our international panel members.

I don’t know if Nigeria is considered a participating country or not, but I would fill out an online form and see if you qualify.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Thanks and hopefully this works out.

Best wishes to you.

– Dion Shaw


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