Work at Home Positions for Full-time College Students

This question was posted by Ethen on our Twitter site this evening: What would you say is the best work at home position for a full time college student?

An excellent question, Ethen that requires questions of you:

What is your major/interest?

Do you plan on using this job as a resume builder in addition to making money?  If so, you’ll want to do something related to a potential future position.

What is your skill set?

Answering these questions will help you in your search.  To get you started, here are some possible positions to review:

1) Social Media Consultant – you are probably well-versed in Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.  Businesses – especially small ones – will outsource Twitter and Facebook updates.  College students are great choices for this because of their technical savvy.

2) Website design and programming – for the same reason as above, small business or non-profits will hire staff on an as-needed basis rather than invest in employee overhead.

3) Writer – if your career goal involves communications, this is a great resume starter.  Many marketing firms and local or online publications can’t afford to hire full-time writers, so they depend on freelancers to fill the gaps.  A good source is Emily Bennington and Professional Studio 365

Other options include some previously covered on this blog: Jobs via the Internet and simple work at home freelance jobs.

And still another idea is anything that makes life easier for the elderly, disabled, and those with limited time.  Snow removal and landscape services are good thoughts.

I hope these suggestions help, Ethen.  Please let us know what works and what doesn’t!


Dion D Shaw

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