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Do you enjoy writing and want to explore a freelance writing business?  Freelance writing is an excellent choice for a home business.  If you enjoy writing and research, this post provides resources and suggestions to start your search.  An additional plus to a freelance writing business is the low-cost start-up money needed.  A computer, Internet connection, and word processing software are the basic requirements…



* Writing Skills
* Computer
* Internet Connection
* PayPal/Bank Account/ Credit Card
* Phone/Mobile
* Writing Skills
* Time

Types of Freelance Writers

Many different types of freelance writing work are available in the marketplace; some are given below:

Web Content Writing –There are unlimited numbers of topics available for web witting. Thousands of websites are launched each day. Sites need good content, providing a wonderful opportunity.

Technical Writing – Writers with technical knowledge or expertise in fields like computer hardware, software, or programming can provide technical content for various client needs.

Advertising Writing – An ability to write eye-opening product review/service offers that attract users and subsequent purchases could make an excellent candidate for this position.

Medical Writing – Pharmaceutical companies need technical writers familiar with medical terms and FDA requirements.

Blogging – Similar to web content writing, many topics are available in this field.  Blogs are dynamic and require more frequent content than websites.

Resume Writer – Many job seekers don’t understand current resume techniques and terms.  At this time and for the foreseeable future, this is an in-demand field.

Business Plan Writer – General knowledge about business and business plan writing allows you to provide expertise to clients ranging from large companies to small.

Find Clients for Your Freelance Writing Business

Friends/Professional Network – Increase your friends/professional circle. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others are valuable networking tools.  Mention your interest in freelance writing and provide samples of your work.

Website/Blog – A very valuable public display that displays your talents and expertise.  Potential clients can either discover your sites by accident or by referral.  Write for your own site in your personal time – hopefully because you enjoy it – and add adsense or affiliate products for extra income generation.

Resources To Find Freelance Writing Work Online:

* – This is a global job marketplace for small and medium sized business to bid a job, hire & manage.

* – This is the world’s leading site for online work. Share your profile for jobs, find clients and more.

* – There are 250000+ freelancers. Find jobs and get hired.

* – Looking for ‘guides’ experts.

* American Society of Business Publications Editors

* Associated Press

* Copydesk

* Freelance BBS

* Freelance Switch

* Freelance Venue

* Freelance Writing Gigs

* Magazine Publishers of America

* Media Bistro

* Morning Coffee

* Online Writing Jobs

* Poe War

* Seed

* Sunoasis Jobs

* Telecommuting Jobs

* Whisper Jobs

* Work At Home Mom

* Write Jobs

* Writer Find

* Places for Writers

* Publishers Marketplace

How much do freelance content writers earn?

According to an informal pole by “…44% averaged under $1000/month, 27% brought in between $1000 and $2000 per month, and 28% brought in over $2000 per month. Keep in mind that less than half of these respondents worked 8 hours/day on average, and less than half had more than one year of experience.”1  “A recent look at showed the day’s top article writer had made about $16,000 via Elance in the past 6 months.”1

Common Problems with Freelance Writing Careers

# Lack of Time:  Starting a freelance writing business requires a goal and a plan.  Refer to an earlier posting on this blog about starting a business while employed.  A daily log of time spent on various tasks may help budget time effectively.  Review this log frequently, identify trends, and make adjustments to spend more time on writing!

# Waiting for the right time:  Many freelance writers wait for the “right time” to start and get caught up in daily activities and responsibilities.  Frequent excuses include vacations, too tired, not in the mood to write, etc.  No time is better than the present.

# Need to know more:  No one is perfect and knowledge is limitless and continually expanding. Just start your business. Success and failure is a better teacher than any book, magazine or other resource.

# Money: If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you have everything needed to start a success freelance writing business.  Even if you don’t own either, your local library or community colleges will provide both, free of charge in most cases.

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