Which is Better? A Full-time Job or Self-Employed?

I belong to several LinkedIn groups related to small and home business. A recent discussion in a Chicago group posed this question:

Discussion: Which do you believe is more stable, self employment or a full time job?

Many answers were posted in response, but I think this – by Vanessa Corn – may be the best:

“I think it depends on what your self-employment is defined as. I have a full-time job and am also self-employed. I am only at my full-time job because we have several bills that my salary pays for, but those aren’t forever. My self-employed businesses (makeup artist and internet franchise owner) are still new, but I know that within a couple years, if not less, I will be able to just have those and leave my full-time job. I feel I have more control over my self-employment, because it relies on the work I put in. At my day job, I am at the mercy of the corporation, who can decide at any time that I am disposable (no matter how great a job you do, it happens, believe me). If you treat your self-employment as a true business, and you have a product or service that is in demand, and will be even more in demand in the future and possibly gets you a residual income, then I would say that just might be more ‘stable’. It is what you make it. As for getting more responsibility at a full-time job, I cannot agree with that. There are plenty of people that sit on their butts at a job, have little responsibility for decent pay (while still not guaranteed their position forever, or even for the next year), while there are business owners that have ALL the responsibility and work their butts off.”

This answer is important for all potential home business owners to consider. Ms. Corn is working a full-time job for a while and running her business on the side.  This gives her extra income, benefits, and stability of a job, something Homepreneurs recommends.

Ms. Corn has a well-thought out plan for eventually being self-sufficient. A little extra time and work is required of course, but if her dream is realized, isn’t the effort a small price to pay?

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