Homepreneurs Receives Recognition For Inspirational Blog

Homepreneurs is humbled and honored to be recognized by Patti Riggs Hale as one of her 15 inspirational blogs.  Ms. Hale is a veteran freelance writer for blogs, websites, magazines, newspapers, television, advertising – and I suspect – recipes for fantastic pies!  One of her current projects is How to find Work from Home, a website with lists of work from home blogs, job boards for writers, suggestions and commentary on working at home, and much, much more.

A multi-talented and incredibly diverse person, Hale notes in her profile: I am a big animal lover, my husband and I (he more than me) are involved in politics, I like learning about new things and in my spare time, I have been known to crochet, make soap, candles, potpourri, garden and refinish furniture.

A previous nominee for inspirational writing, Hale opted to ‘pay it forward’ and nominate 15 blogs she found valuable.  Homepreneurs is extremely fortunate to be one of those 15.

As I type this post, I am deeply touched, stunned, and truly at a loss for words when recognized by Patti Riggs Hale, an incredibly successful, talented, and professional writer.  I commit to all readers – past, present, and future – to put my best effort into each and every article on this blog.

Thank you, Patti.  You make life a little easier and a little better for so many, especially this humbled scribe.

Dion D. Shaw

Dion D. Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs

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