Publish eBooks for Kindle – a Tutorial

Last week, Homepreneurs detailed steps how to publish eBooks on Smashwords.  Publishing eBooks is a simple way for the creative writer to make extra money by exposing their work to hundreds of millions of potential readers and/or buyers.  This can turn into a nice little home business idea and provide extra money and personal satisfaction.

This post covers publishing on Kindle, step-by-step.  Between SmashWords and Kindle, a large portion of the digital publishing market is you, the writer.  Both services are free, so why not take a chance?  You can always publish under a pseudonym to avoid potential complications or issues.

Publishing with Kindle

– Use a browser and enter Kindle’s URL (

– Log in with existing Amazon account or create a new account

– Fill out requested personal information

– Add a bank account for electronic transfer (earnings over $10) or be paid by check (earnings over $100)

– You will receive a publisher code on the right side of the screen.  Note and record.

– Fill out form for direct deposit into checking account; information will be saved

– Click on the Bookshelf menu option at the top of the screen

– Fill in requested information, including title, description, and categories (only 2 allowed)

– Add keywords (up to 7)

– Upload a cover image

– Select “enable digital rights management”

– Upload your book.  A safe way is to use Microsoft Word compatibility mode

– Preview the book and verify the format and layout.  Edit as needed.

– Click save and continue

– Choose a “Royalty” option, either 35% – broader geographic distribution or 70% – limited to select countries, including the US, UK, Canada

– If the 70% Royalty option is chosen the minimum retail price is $2.99 USD.  If the 35% Royalty option is selected, the minimum price is $.99 USD.

– If desired, choose the “allow lending” option.  Buyers can lend a purchased copy to friends for up to 14 days.

– Select Save and Publish

The book is put “In Review” status for up to 12 hours for English and 48 hours for other languages

Publishing on Kindle takes only these steps and you – the writer – now has a book for sale.  Congratulations!

By Dion D. Shaw

Dion D. Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs

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