Windows 8 First Impression

I am typing this post on my new Windows 8 laptop and thought I’d share first impressions.  It is not the tablet version of Windows 8 – the so-called “Surface”.  The prices for the Surface were just more than I was willing or wanted to pay.  I also have a iPad for a tablet anyway and am quite satisfied with that.  My network now has Windows 7, Windows 8, Apple iPad, and a mothballed XP computer as well.

So far, I’m not impressed.  I like Windows 7 and consider it a very robust and usable operating system, probably the best that Microsoft developed.  Not so much with Win 8.  It is definitely a change from the look and feel of all previous Microsoft operating systems.  We are conditioned to use the start menu to launch applications, get to the command prompt (for us veteran users), and generally navigate the computer.  While getting to the start menu is possible, it is not obvious.

I’ve been writing this post for a few hours, because I’m trying to take screen prints to show.  But every i find the start menu, it changes sides from the left side to the right side of the traditional taskbar.  Very annoying.  My impression is that Microsoft is trying to combine its Windows interface with Apple’s touch screen interface – and doesn’t do either very well.  Granted, Windows 8 was apparently designed more for a tablet and with a touchscreen, may perform better.  I’ve not tried the Surface tablet and can’t comment on it.  But, if asked as an information technology professional, i would suggest that users stick with Windows 7.

I was able to create a Windows 7-like interface, but i have no idea how to reproduce it.  Below is a screen print that I was able to capture of the Windows 8 desktop. Maybe a little time and work with this new operating system and I’ll have a more positive impression.  I’ll update on my experiences.


It should be noted that computer hardware vendors – in this case Toshiba – make changes to software loads and add-on extra programs.  This can change the look and feel for a user.  I will investigate and report more later.

By Dion Shaw

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