How To Turn What You Know Into A Great Business

by Jeff Williams

Often when I meet with groups of my peers to talk about the next steps in their lives, they mention that they’d love to try running their own business…but they aren’t confident that they have a good grasp of a business idea that can make money.

I’m pleased to tell them that virtually everyone walking around has the potential for at least one good business idea locked away in the knowledge they’ve stored in their brains.

It may not surprise you to find out that one of the five most popular categories purchased on the Web is “information products”.

These range from 5-page printed reports, to CD collections of information, to transcipts of live and telephone workshops, to digital books and guides, popularly known as “ebooks”.

Americans love to improve their current circumstances. The multi-billion dollar “self improvement” industry is built around the yearning to take ourselves to a better place in our lives via the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

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