7 Reasons Why Running a Business is THE Way To Work Today

by Jeff Williams, Bizstarters.com

1. Your age doesn’t matter.
Being over 50 is often a killer in the corporate job market. But, believe it or not, being a bit older, wiser and more experienced can often help you get business as a contractor or consultant.

2. New businesses last longer than new jobs.
It really surprises people when I quote the latest job hunting data that shows that the typical new hire in a corporate job only lasts for 18 months. More than 60% of new businesses today last at least two years. So, where is work security really?

3. You can work where you wish.
Over the past ten years or so we’ve seen an explosion in new businesses that make money from selling advice or information as opposed to tangible products. In this type of business your “production equipment” is your computer and printer. Hook them up to high-speed Internet access, and you can run this kind of company from any number of places, both in the U.S. and outside.

4. You determine your financial progress.
Did you ever have a corporate boss who for whatever reason blocked your reasonable request for a raise? I did. When you are your own boss, you determine the rate at which your income grows by deciding where to put your time and marketing money.

5. You can work for as long as you wish.
A big issue among folks over 50 for the last few years is that many big corporations are not letting their managers leave when they want to – they are just telling them to get out now. As long as your health and interest remain strong, you can continue to do entrepreneurial work into your seventies and maybe beyond.. And in fact Uncle Sam helps by giving you generous deferred comp deductions as a self-employed person.

6. You have a lot of people to sell.
First off, you can sell to your 76 million fellow boomers. And you can also sell to 42 million people over age 70. That’s 120 million prospects without going too far away from your age group!

7. It’s never been cheaper to start and run a business.
I’m not kidding when I tell you that the vast majority of our startup clients get open for business for well under $10,000 and run their businesses for under $500 per month. See the chart on the slides showing typical business costs today. You will be amazed at how low your financial risk is today to start a business.

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