A Look at Google Analytics

Yesterday evening, Homepreneurs set up Google analytics on its site.  Website Analytics provides valuable information including:

– Number of visitors and views

– Length of time spent on a page or site

– Referral source

– Keyword information

– Pages visited

google analytics for 8-21 (partial)

The above GIF image shows a small snapshot of Google Analytics capability.  This data is also a sampling; it covers only a few hours of last night.

What most interests me are pages visited, number of visitors (new or returning), how long they stay, and which keywords are used to find Homepreneurs.  This information allows me to provide content that is relevant to you.

Many different hosts provide analytics for websites and blogs.  Google’s program is easy to implement, read, and modify.  Shown in a classic dashboard format, Google’s interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.  The level of custom options is considerable – from type on Internet browser used to country of origin to referring sources.

Keywords and referring sources are valuable to me.  I can focus articles on content that our readers want and target where I post or link the postings.  See the graphic below:

Google Analytics for 8-21 (partial) - 5

As seen in the graphic, of the 63 visits recorded, more came from unknown sources or direct links to Homepreneurs (typed in the browser).  Of the social media sites, LinkedIn and Pinterest were the winners.  Surprisingly, Facebook had nothing recorded.  Direct connections from Twitter are rare and nothing was recorded either.

In summary, the majority of keywords were unknown or not recorded, followed by hiring people with disabilities, eBay facilitator, and home business writing review.  Most arrived from unknown sources and LinkedIn and Pinterest were the winners from social networks.

Snapshot statistics are not very helpful – random searches could land on Homepreneurs.net and account for some of this data.  A better choice are long term trends that provide useful tools for website administrators and content writers.

Next up, a look at Google Adsense, the hows and whys.

Dion D. Shaw

Dion Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs.


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