eBooks Are the Ultimate Home Business

eBooks Are the Ultimate Home Business

Homepreneurs has noted in many past posts that eBooks are a great home business.  As a home business, it is cost-effective and virtually anyone can write.  From children’s books to erotica, eBooks are selling at phenomenal rates.  On September 4, SmashWords published its 250,000th book.  Of those 250,000, I have self-published five and sold a few dozen copies.  Homepreneurs eBooks are available on SmashWords, iBooks, and Kindle.

One of the best things about eBooks is marketing.  Once released on the Internet, your eBook will exist forever and you will earn royalties for a long time. Further, the Internet allows for world-wide distribution of eBooks, thus increasing your potential market.  Apple iBooks and Kindle are in many markets, including a huge reader base in India – roughly 1.3 billion people.

SmashWords distributes to Apple iBook store, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Diesel, Sony, and recently partnered with Oyster.  Oyster is a new and innovative eBook subscription service, offering consumers unlimited access to more than 100,000 eBooks for $9.95 per month.

Of course, in order to take advantage of SmashWords and Kindle, one must write and publish an eBook. Not me, you say?  I disagree – many people have stories to tell and experiences to relate.  TheWriteLife has a great article: 9 Powerful Tips for Writing your First Successful eBook.  Topics covered include a market, where to look for ideas, research, and writing outlines.

When you write that first eBook, go back to TheWriteLife and read 7 Clever Tricks to Help you Edit your eBook.  You’ll be thrilled with the results, I’m certain.  There is tremendous satisfaction in finishing a good read and having readers buy it.  The extra money doesn’t hurt, either!

By Dion D. Shaw



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