Installing a Sitemap Plugin for WordPress – in Video

A few days ago, we posted about why a sitemap is important for your website or blog.  Using Google’s sitemap as an example, one can see how the “Home” page is linked to other Google pages.  These include the familiar news, search, and group pages.  Google many, many pages and needs some kind of structural organization.  The sitemap provides the organization.  When your – or any – website reaches a significant size, you will want to have a sitemap too.  This makes searching easier for search engines and your readers or clients to find and navigate your website.

This video uses a WordPress theme for demonstration.  Installing a sitemap is actually quite easy and involves a few steps outlined in the video.  You’ll need to have a Google account and a theme that you can navigate.

I hope you find this video useful.  It is too large to embed directly in this blog so please follow the YouTube link below.


How to Install an XML Sitemap in WordPress


Google XML sitemap : Essential wordpress SEO Plugin | Vast9

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