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40 Businesses to Start from Home

Homepreneurs looks for home business ideas every day.  Today, we found a nice website – theworkathomewife – that has many resources and links to ideas for working from home.  The website has tips on affiliate marketing programs, work at home leads, and biz bargains.

Tired of your current job?  Unemployed?  Underemployed?  Need a change?  A home business can bring financial success and personal satisfaction.  Technology and the new health care law helps many to realize the dream of starting and running a home business.

The article we think you will like is 40 Businesses You can Start from Home.

This list has  a variety of ideas from House Sitter to Copywriter to Wedding Planner and Virtual assistant.  Some are basic positions (house and pet sitting) and some more advanced like music teacher and antiques restoration.  If you are considering a work from home business, the website and the article is worth a look.



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