Show me the Way to Make and Save Money

Show Me the Way To is a newer blog by a fellow blogger of ours – April Carvelli.  No, it is not about one of our favorite Styx songs, but a way to save and make money.  And since Homepreneurs is all about making money, Show Me The Way To has some great tips for making quick money and saving in other ways.  From freelance writing to ditching cable, Show Me The Way To has many simple ideas.

April makes a living from freelance writing and knows the tips and tricks to successful freelance writing.  Homepreneurs nominated ghostofawriter for 2012 Blog of the Year and also ran a success story feature on her.

Thanks to April for providing this great blog!

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You can save and even make money using your smartphone. You just have to know how to use it. Watch TV and get paid for it with a free app called Viggle. Once you download the app, you can check in to register whatever show you are watching. The app