Win – Win Scenarios can Make Money

I like to write, whether via this blog, for my graduate program, personal stories, or a stage play that I’ve been working on for years.  About 10 years, more or less.  I have a writing partner that lives in another state, but our schedules often don’t allow us to get together for “writing retreats.”

How does my stage play relate to home business and making money?

Freelance Writing

The play is something I want to accomplish in my life, preferably while my Dad is still alive.  At 90, his time is a little more limited than ten years ago.  Don just doesn’t have the time to get together and complete what we started and I’ve decided to try to complete the work with another partner.  I want another partner to help me because of the dialogue.  Don is an experienced playwright; I am not.  I have considered the idea of finding a qualified writer that can help me complete this dream.

I got lucky the other day – actually through a WordPress post.  A post by C suggested that she was down on her luck and needed money, badly.  C has a b.s. in creative writing and from what I’ve read of her work, she is an excellent writer.  So, I took a chance and reached out to her.  I suggested a win-win scenario for us both: I will compensate her for helping me to finish the stage play.  I win by crossing off an item on my bucket list and C wins because I will give her some advance money to help her through a rough period.  We will need to agree on compensation and draw up a contract, but that is detail work.

My point is simple: though C lives several states away from me, she is qualified, willing, and needs the money at this time.  I have enough to fund this little project that is largely written anyway, but needs help with dialogue and fine-tuning.  C appears to be well-qualified for this and I think I have found a real diamond.  The plus side is that we can share documents using Google drive or directly collaborate with Skype or Google chat, if necessary.  Technology is a wonderful thing!

Sometimes the best a person can do is put qualifications where someone can find them: WordPress, LinkedIn, and Facebook come to mind.  C didn’t do anything, per se, I just saw her writing and thought, maybe…


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