Unusual Home Business Ideas

Want to start a home business?  You need an idea and a plan.  You’ll need to take that idea and do research to learn about competitors, the industry and pricing.  Sometimes the idea is normal, like daycare or tutoring.  Maybe you need to try something different – an unusual home business idea you don’t see every day.

We’re not suggesting that you build computers in your garage or reinvent the wheel.  Many have tried similar ideas and failed.  These two industries are well established with major market players.  Think outside your comfort zone.  To get you thinking, here are some suggestions:

stained glass


Disc Jockey for weddings and other events


Pest control service

– Piano tuner

Chimney sweep

– Plaster repair expert

Stained glass

Urban farming

Antique appraiser and expert

– Furniture restoration and repair

– Basketweaving

– Collection agency

So many ideas, so little time.  Look around your neighborhood.  What do people need or want?  Fill one of those and you will make money.