Which Federal Government Agency is the best Employer?

In yesterday’s post, I wrote that the Federal Government is actively recruiting and hiring persons with disabilities.  With the sheer size of the Federal Government and huge number of agencies, which are the best employers?  One would think the branches of the government would be roughly the same with the exception of job functions.  Not so!  Surveys of government workers are done on a regular basis and the results are interesting.  Is the Office of the White House the best employer or the Supreme Court?  Maybe the Secret Service or the Department of Health and Human Services has an edge?


The Federal Government is the country’s biggest employer with approximately 1.8 million employees.  This does not include the Post Office – it is not technically a government agency.  The Federal Government has dozens of agencies, most with sub-agencies, divisions, bureaus, or offices. The areas range from the Executive Office of the White House to the Forest Service and the Office of Innovation and Improvement.  Some have all of the sub areas noted.  How can one determine where to apply and work?

Deloitte and the Partnership for Public Service conducted a survey in 2012 that rates agencies based on several areas including: pay, teamwork, work-life balance, employee support programs and more.  The link to the survey results is at the end of this post. To spare you from reading through the entire list, here is an excerpt of the survey, revealing the best agency employer.



“The number one large agency in 2012 was the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, with a score of 72.8 (out of 100), followed by the Intelligence Community and the Department of State. In the mid-size rankings, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation took top honors with a score of 83.3, while the top-ranked small agency was the Surface

Transportation Board with a score of 84.3.”
NASA is the winner – not a big surprise.  After all, NASA is cutting edge, teamwork driven, and a family environment as seen on television following successful launches of major spacecraft like the Mars Rover – Curiosity If thinking about applying for a Federal Government job – disabled or not – take a look at this list first.

By Dion D. Shaw

Dion D. Shaw is the founder and owner of Homepreneurs