Freelance Work on Elance is a great Internet site for freelance work.  Elance has jobs in many areas from customer service to project management and finance.  Applying for and getting freelance jobs is a simple 5-step process:

1) Create a free profile with skills, work experience, and portfolio, if appropriate.

2) Find perfect jobs: Businesses invite you to submit proposals for jobs. Simply respond with your offer (you’ll find lots of tips) and get hired (from

3) Collaborate online: Use collaboration tools to share work-in-progress and ensure milestones are met (from

4) Get paid: concentrate on the job and elance will handle billing and paperwork. guarantees payment.

5) Pay a small fee: Elance adds an 8.75% service fee to your quote. When work is delivered and payment is made, we deduct our commission and transfer the rest of the money to you.  The client pays a fee too (from

Many of these jobs are work from home positions too.  Collaboration tools and Internet connectivity are available in most areas.  One can work from home, a library, a friend’s house or anywhere that has an Internet access.  Freelance work is very similar to owning your own business – pick and choose the job and pay rate.

A list of categories for jobs: