Pinterest Drives Traffic to your Website

Pinterest Drives Traffic to your Website

A picture says 1000 words or a picture tells a story,  Pick your favorite saying, but these two are true.  The popularity of Pinterest proves the value of images.  Have you ever bought something from just text on a piece of paper or on a website?  I can’t think of a single time that I did and if so, certainly not anything of significance.

When running a home business, costs are important and paying for someone that specializes in SEO is a major expense.  Home business owners don’t need to pay for this expensive service.  You can do some basic SEO by yourself and this includes pictures.  For free.  Drive more traffic with images, increase exposure, and use Pinterest to tell a story and increase sales for yourself.

Homepreneurs wrote about images and the impact on blogging and websites.  Pictures break up long boxes of texts, and also convey a message of emotion or desire.  Who wouldn’t want a delicious ice cream cone on a 90+ degree day or hot chocolate when the temperatures are cold?  Pictures and powerful words are perhaps the ultimate marketing tool.


A recent Daily Post by WordPress reinforced the argument about the value of images and Pinterest.  The article is below:

Homepreneurs uses images in virtually every post now, if only to post on Pinterest.  We only use public domain and royalty free images, not wanting to infringe on copyright work.  Below, we provide a number of websites that provide public domain or royalty free images for your use.

Wikimediacommons – has links to many other public domain image sites

GIMP Savvy – 45,000 royalty-free images, sorted by keyword

Most of these resources are free for use without attribution to the original artist.  Some do require credit to the copyright holder.  These images are useful for websites, blogs, and cover images for eBooks.

Tell a story with your blog or website and drive traffic by adding a picture.  Use Pinterest to bring customers.  It isn’t rocket science – use resources available to you on the Internet.