2013 eBook Earnings on SmashWords

2013 eBook Earnings on SmashWords

eBooks are the ultimate home business, I previously wrote on Homepreneurs. Work from home – using personal interests, experience, and a computer – and write books. I wrote some eBooks and promised to keep readers updated on my earnings from eBook sales.  This post is a recap of my 2013 ebook earnings on SmashWords.  My four business eBooks (2 for $0.99, 2 at $2.99) made a little money in 2013. This report covers SmashWords and its affiliates only; Kindle sales are not included  SmashWords is a major distributor to vendors Barnes and Noble (Nook), Kobo, Diesel, Sony, and iBooks, and sells eBooks from their website too.

My total sales (SmashWords) for 2013: $60.83.  On a $0.99 eBook, an author’s royalties are $0.76.  Some quick division and I’ve roughly sold about 80 eBooks via SmashWords and its affiliates.  Maybe I should have charged $2.99 for all!


eBook Earnings

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Why two different earning reports? One is for Homepreneurs, the other is for my fiction writing under a pseudonym.  SmashWords allows multiple pen names and email addresses, all linked to an EIN or SSN.  Uncle Sam will want his piece of the pie, regardless of the amount or alternative names used.

These reports are for SmashWords only.  Kindle – the other major online self-publisher I use – has not reported earnings to me for 2013.  I’d guess that Kindle will be the same or less. I don’t seem to move product as well on Kindle, perhaps because I do not use their KDP Select program or maybe due to sheer volume of eBooks or simple marketing efforts (or lack of).

I also do not know which vendors or channels sold the most eBooks.  I did not receive (and don’t know how to retrieve) a report indicating which vendor sold the highest quantity.

I’m actually very pleased with these results.  In addition to the books I charge to buy, I also have some freebies in the fiction world.  Those downloads number roughly 1000 combined (on SmashWords) for my short works – 300 to 1000 words. 

2013 was the year I ventured into the eBook world.  The learning curve (especially for SmashWords) is somewhat steep and opaque.  Another issue is that Kindle auto-generates cover images for free, if that option is selected.  SmashWords does not.  Creating a professional cover page is difficult (and costly), especially for the non-visually creative types (me).

A business idea for a creative person that reads this blog might be to develop a program or process that automatically generates cover pages like Kindle.  The creative one can partner with a programmer or sell the idea to another company.  Just a thought.  A need exists for many indie (independent) writers.

As I’ve said before, if I can do this, you can definitely do it too.  Why not write and publish an eBook on Smashwords or Kindle and make some extra money?  Satisfaction of publication is definitely a plus, too.


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