Corrections to SmashWords Post

I have some corrections to the recent post about step-by-step publishing on SmashWords.  Smashwords is one of the – if not the – top distributor of indie (independent) eBooks in the world.  Smashwords chain includes: Kobo, Diesel, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and most importantly, Apples iBook store.  Sony’s eBook store will cease operations after March 20, 2014, according to Smashword’s founder – Mark Coker.  This is unfortunate – Sony was one of the first retailers to embrace eBooks.  However, Smashword’s author’s will be largely unaffected: Sony sales are less than 2% of Smashwords monthly sales total.

The second correction was a statement made in the original post.  I suggested that Smashwords does not seem to have a listing of affiliates and their sales.  This was incorrect.  Smashwords has a report that tells exactly how much is sold by any given retailer or outlet.  Please see the graphic below:



SmashWords Sales by Outlet


Third, I mentioned that SmashWords was not very fast in approving eBooks for premium status, compared to Kindle/Amazon.  I published an eBook two days ago and it is already in premium distribution (sent to other outlets).  I don’t know how or why this occurred, or when, but kudos to SmashWords for “getting it done”!

Apologies for any errors or misrepresentations or changes to SmashWords.  Incidentally, SmashWords passed the 10,000,000,000 (billion) words published list in February.  Congratulations to SmashWords and its fine staff.