Make Money with eBook Sales

I write and self-publish eBooks on occasion and want to prove that money can be made from eBooks.  Not tons of money, but most of my eBooks are priced cheap and I don’t publish much.

The two 1099 tax reports below are from Smashwords – Amazon and Google are yet to arrive.  Smashwords distributes to Apple, Barnes and Noble and others.

The two reports are for non-fiction and another for fiction using a pen name.

Amazon and Google have the same eBooks for comparison.  I will compare in a future post.

Want to publish?  You need: instructions, a story, and access to a computer.  Cost to you – Zero.

If I can do this, you can do this and make MONEY!


Smashwords 1

eBook Sale 2014


Smashwords 2

eBook Sales 2014