9 Suggestions for Side Jobs

Suggestions for making money on the side by Rizwan Aseem as found on Quora.com.  Content is largely as presented in the original post with edits for grammar and clarity.


  1. Go knock on your neighbors’ doors and ask them if you can mow their lawn / clean their snow for $10 – repeat each week
  2. Find all the things in your house or garage that you don’t use – then sell them on ebay.

  3. Talk to your neighbors and offer to clean their garage – when you`re doing it, find stuff that`s old and dusty and ask them if you can fix the items or sell it for them on ebay, for a percentage of profit, of course.

  4. Talk to the restaurants and small businesses in town and ask them if they`d like to have a social media presence. Create a FB page, Twitter, and Wikipedia profile for them and charge them $100 per location (or appropriate cost) to maintain the sites.

5. Find 5 kids in school who are struggling to get good grades and ask if you can tutor them. Set up a group after school and charge them (or parents) for the service. You may need to have specific qualifications or certifications to do this – check with your local governments.

6. Contact the local newspapers in your town and ask them if they want a column on `The Havoc Social Media Creates In The Everyday Life Of A Teenager’. Then talk to kids in school and ask then about social media – what they love or hate. *Social media does not need to be basis of the column – this is only one suggestion.*

7. Create a profile on ODesk or Elance and find things you can do. Start with your hourly rate at $5-$10 per hour and then raise the price as you build a reputation.

8. Learn to use WordPress or Blogger from YouTube. Offer your services to existing bloggers or to people/organizations. Charge a reasonable hourly rate and build clientele.

9. Have a conversation with kids in high school / college. Ask them about the biggest problem / frustration they have in life and the ideal outcome for them. Write a 30 page eBook about the problem/solution. Publish this book on Amazon or Smashwords, changing names to protect people.

Source: http://www.quora.com/How-can-I-make-a-little-extra-cash-at-home