Make Money Online

One question I often hear or read is: How do I make money online?

The Internet provides a lot of ways to make money.  Most are not quick-pay and you will need to work a little, but options are available.

The list below is long and separated by category.  It is not complete and readers may have suggestions.  Feel free to add them in comments.

eBooks and Related

Smashwords (online publisher and aggregator for iBooks, Kobo, Oyster, and others)

Amazon (Kindle) online publisher of eBooks

Google Books and Google Play  online seller (distributor) of eBooks

Copywriting and Content Writing

iWriter  – write content for websites, articles, eBooks

elance  – writing, translating, design and much more

upwork (formerly – writers, virtual assistants, web developers and more

Fiverr – copywriting, resume writing, creative writing, much more


Photo, Video, Audio

YouTube – user generated videos, tutorials, instructions

istockphoto – sell stock photos, illustrations, audio, video

voicebunny – get voice over jobs


SpeakLike – read and write two or more languages?  SpeakLike wants you.

TranslationCloud – you need a Facebook account, fluent in at least 2 languages

Gengo – Translating jobs in multiple countries


99Designs – graphic designers for websites and logos

Dribbble – jobs for designers


Udemy – teach what you know, record the course

Fluentify – be a tutor – be a tutor in math, science, languages, nursing and more!

Etuition – K-12 teaching online

Easyskillz – record and post an online course

K-12 – virtual teacher jobs from kindergarten to high school, state certs required

Skillfeed – create a course and get paid

Skillshare – classes fall into a wide variety of topics, including Crafts, Culinary, Design, DIY, Entrepreneurship, Film, Fashion, Gaming, Music, Photography, Technology, Writing, and Creativity.  Anyone can teach at skillshare, no teaching certification required.

Affiliate Programs

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. Commission Junction
  4. Clickbank
  5. LinkShare
  6. ShareASale
  7. Neverblue
  8. eBay Partner Network
  9. PeerFly