Creating MSCreations

Homepreneurs has not run a home business success story in a while.  In this post, we cover creating mscreations, a home business success story.

I am very familiar with this story – it is mine.  To summarize, I identified an under-served market and created a plan to fill that niche.  mscreations is an e-commerce website exclusively for artisans that have multiple sclerosis.  It is similar to Etsy or eBay, but considerably smaller and focused on a subset of the population.

mscreations gives artists a chance to display and sell products without getting lost in a huge market like other online sellers.  Further, a portion of every sale is donated to multiple sclerosis research causes.  Win-win for both artist (income) and ms research (donations).

A nice article was written about my endeavors in an online magazine – The Pioneer – for the University of Wisconsin – Platteville.  The website went live on Saturday, August 1st, 2015 and as of today, August 3rd, it already has over 1100 views.

Will this effort be successful in the long-term?  I can’t predict that – too many variable are involved. I can say with confidence that I gave this project my very best effort, both as a project manager and as a founder.

If you are interested in artwork, crafts, jewelry, photography, and other visual arts, take a look at mscreations and benefit a good cause.

The magazine article: