Work from Home with Udemy

People want to work from home.  This post covers an option for making money from home with Udemy.

Udemy describes itself as an online learning marketplace with over 32,000 courses recorded.  Educational topics range from programming to photography and are recorded by one of 18,000 “expert instructors.” The classes are stored online, available in 80 languages, and can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Udemy claims to have paid out 17 million dollars to its top instructors and has a potential student base of 7 million in 190 countries. Potential instructors begin at udemy’s teaching hub and after recording a class, need to choose a marketing option.  Teachers are free to market their own classes, but novices will need to market and brand on their own.  Udemy will promote, but at a 50% charge against any revenue earned.  In either case, Udemy will handle all customer service, transactions, and hosting,

Udemy suggests some instructors use a pricing model of $10 to $30 per hour of course content.  The secret to success on Udemy is to create a valuable, expert class that is viewed by many.  A $10 course viewed by only 100 people gives the teacher $5000, if Udemy promotes it.  Their revenue sharing model is below:

Udemy Revenue Chart

Are you an expert in a field?  Maybe yoga or investing?  Get paid for what you know by using Udemy.