Money From Old iPhones and iPads

Do you want the latest iPhone 6s?  The bigger iPad Pro?  Some other iStuff?  The new Apple TV looks nice…  I know, you’re stuck with an iPhone 5 or 4s or an iPad Air.  You can make money from that older iStuff!

Instead of throwing out the iPhone or iPad, what about trading it in or reselling it for money?

The steps you’ll want to take before trade-in of your iStuff are back-up, disable, and delete data and personal information.


This is done through iTunes or iCloud.  Connect the device to another computer and synchronize or transfer data by backup.


Before you erase an iOS device, you must first turn off Find my iPhone. Disable with these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Navigate to iCloud | Find my iPhone
  3. Turn the Switch for Find my iPhone to the OFF position


Don’t do this until you’ve backed up and disabled.

Follow these steps:


  • Open Settings
  • Navigate to General | Reset
  • Tap Erase All Content and Settings to totally erase your device. You’ll need to confirm this process by entering your passcode, since it will erase all content from the iPhone or iPad.

Trading-in your iPhone or iPad

Most of the major carriers have trade-in programs.  Examples follow:

AT&T (iPhone 5c)   $80-$85

(iPad Air)   $140

Sprint (iPhone 5c)   $120

(iPad Air)     $165

T-Mobile (iPhone 5c)   $70

(iPad Air)    $135


Want more options?

Gazelle (iPhone 5c)   $70

(iPad Air)   $150

Apple (iPhone 5c)   $65

(iPad Air)   $145

Apple pays with Apple gift cards

Also possible are charitable donations and giving devices to military veterans.  Run a quick Google search to find other options.