Blogging Tips

Many people are natural storytellers and like to tell about life experiences or give opinions.    Blogging became popular in the late 1990s and to-date, there are hundreds of millions of blogs.  Tumblr has about 102 million, while WordPress and LiveJournal each have over 60 million blogs (1).  With that much competition, how does one make a blog stand out?  Here are some basic blogging tips to use.

Time of Day to post

Turns out that time of day to post does make a difference.  According to, we are morning readers.  My personal blogging experience agrees and I set most of mine to post between 7 and 8 am CST:

time of day

time of day

Days to Post

We also don’t read much on the weekends, well, not blogs anyway.  In the graph below, there is a big drop off on Saturday and Sunday.  I believe this is quite accurate – homepreneurs has been around for four years, and weekends have always been lighter.  I do not concur that Friday is a high day – it is usually the slower day of the week.

blogging tips

Other Tips

Social media is quite popular, with Facebook leading the group.  My experience as a blogger follows.   I find Google+ is not very relevant, and pinterest only a little bit.  I seldom see hits from Twitter or any other social media platform.

Create a better blog by focusing on the above tips: post in the mornings, during the week, and share your posts with Facebook.

Almost all blogging platforms allow advance scheduling.  Type a blog the night before and schedule it to run in the morning.  Do a week’s worth over the weekend and set each for days during the week.



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