Two New eBooks

This has been a productive week.  I released an eBook on blogging, based from my experiences with Homepreneurs over the years.  A Guide to Blogging Better is available on Amazon and Google.  In the next day, I will release another eBook, called 50 Ways to Make a Buck or More.  Here is a snippet from that second eBook and what you can expect from it.

50 Ways to Make a Buck or More has no affiliate marketing, MLMs or other iffy business opportunities.  It lists 50 legitimate ways to actually make money from part-time jobs, on your time.  It will also be available on Amazon and Google.

Here is the promised snippet:

Sell gently used clothing on these 6 websites. Sorry, gentlemen, but these websites are usually for women’s clothes. Children’s clothes for some, too.

Donate plasma

You can make $200 to $300 per month and potentially save lives with your plasma donation. Potential donors will fill out medical screenings and the process takes 90 minutes to 2 hours. for more information and to find plasma centers near you.