Money From Google Adsense

One of the popular ways of earning passive income is to make money from Google Adsense.  I tried to do that a couple years ago with no success.  Google closed my account for unstated reasons.

Passive income and Google Adsense are a common topic on Quora, the question and answer blog that I frequent.  Everyone wants to know how to make money from Adsense.

I searched the Internet and found an interesting website:

This site details how much money can be made from Google and the Adsense product.  There are a couple key factors to consider – the number of visits and also the number of people that click on the ads.  Here are some hard numbers:


Assuming you are a start up website owner receiving an avg of

Visitors per day

200-300 Visits



Estimate Earning =

You will get approximately 5-11 clicks depending on your web design, Ad locating and CTR

250*6 /100 =15$ per day

How Much Page Views you really Need for Ad Sense ?
Page Views




Will give you an estimate of



CTR above is Click Through Rate.  CPC is Cost Per Click.  I think this is an optimistic number –   I don’t think that many people click on the ads, but I have no hard evidence.

For more information and the source of the data above: