Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Homepreneurs is going to experiment with Amazon Affiliate Marketing.  I hope that I can provide some information to you about the pros and cons of the program.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one way to monetize a blog or website.  I have not tried this before, but this website is about making money.  I need to experiment and document for you.

The sign-up process was very easy.  I started at Amazon’s Affiliate home page and followed the step-by-step process.  Tax and banking information is needed, at least in the United States.  If you are a reader outside of the U.S., your laws may differ.


amazon affiliate


Why start now?  This should be good for both sides.  With the holiday season coming, this link will provide gift ideas and deals.  Hopefully, some of you will find something good and buy.

I will keep a running tabulation after the program is approved and gets going.  This program is a classic example of passive income.  It runs 24 hours a day and people can buy at any time.