Start Something

Start something…anything! And see it through to the end.

Seriously, the biggest difference between founders and “wannabes” is that the latter spend all their time talking, while the former just do it.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a lemonade stand, a church outing, a corner basketball team, or a charity drive. What you want to get experience in is:

  • Choosing an idea
  • Rallying team members around your cause
  • Pulling together required resources
  • Making decisions
  • Running operations
  • Dealing with other constituents
  • Seeing the project through to the very end, whether it is success or failure (which one it is, is much less important than all the steps along the way.

start something

Jessica Lawrence, the highly entrepreneurial CEO of the 46,000 person NY Tech Meetup, came to us from having run a Girl Scout region…in which she had done all of the above. And that was a perfect background for the job!

Originally published by:

David S. Rose, Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor, Founding Entrepreneurship Chair at Singularity U