Business Idea Tablet Repair

Yes, you can make money repairing tablets.  You’ll need some kind of certification that 1) teaches you how to fix tablets and 2) provides clients with credibility that you do know how.

Become an Apple-certified technician by looking at this website:

Set up a free website or blog on WordPress or Blogger or Wix or Webs and promote yourself.  Order free business cards through Vistaprint and give away free cheat sheets or shortcut tips for tablets.

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On your blog or website, provide contact information, happy client stories, a calendar of appointment times and if possible, allow clients to make appointments even while you are not available.  Also provide a list of services offered and a list of tips with helpful hints for using a tablet.  You might use Adsense on the blog or website and make extra money that way.

As with any service-oriented business, location is important and you want to set up shop in an area that has many potential clients.  Running a business from your home in farm country is probably not going to be successful.  Setting up in a city or populated suburbs is a much better idea.

Tablet repair can easily be a home business.  Convert a spare room or basement into a workshop and it may be tax deductible too.  Check with your accountant or CPA about the IRS rules and regulations.

Take a look at this website for details about setting up a tablet repair business: How to Make Money Through Repairing Tablets and this one too:
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