2015 Ebook Earnings

As readers of this blog know, I have published eBooks on Amazon, Smashwords (iBooks, B&N, etc), and Google.  I received tax forms from two of them today and wanted to share some results.

These represent both my fiction and non-fiction publications.  Very little was added in 2015 – I was focused on completing my master’s degree and the papers needed.  In essence, these earnings are from eBooks published in previous years and proves that royalties keep coming in once eBooks are written and published.

Kindle is a little complicated and provides multiple 1099 reports due to differences in Europe, Australia and the United States.  Also to consider is that the comparison is not apples to apples between Amazon/Kindle and Smashwords.  Some eBooks are published on one only and not another to take advantage of Amazon’s KDP select program.  iBooks is also very picky about formatting and content and often does not accept even corrected errors.


Amazon Digital Services – Fiction – $30.97

Amazon Digital Services – Non-fiction – $5.57

Amazon Australia – $2.27

Amazon Services de Varejo – $1.09

Total Amazon/Kindle: $39.90


Fiction – $30.35

Non-fiction – $53.77

Smashwords total: $84.12

Total combined: $124.02

Not bad considering most of my eBooks run between $0.99 and $2.99.  With the new Europe value-added-tax, the amount that writers receive is reduced even further.

When I receive my Google reports, I will add those too.  You can make some money from eBooks and this is proof-positive.

Oh, and all of these eBooks were written and self-published at home.  Great little home business.