What will be the best way to make money 2020?

What will be the best way to make money 2020? by @Alexy82yy

Answer by Alex Chuah:

According to the recent forecast, it is expected that the Virtual Reality (VR) hardware market to catch up to its initial sales forecasts of $22.86 billion by 2019 and $40.26 billion by 2020. It is huge!

Big brands such as Sony, Samsung, Facebook, Google, Microsoft are investing a lot of money in VR as they see this as the future of how people communicate. Of course, it will be used for gaming as well. Virtual reality has the power to impact our culture like no innovation before. We will literally be living in a new world.

Remember 20 years back? First, there was the Internet. It was a trillion-dollar opportunity. It’s still ongoing, but the Internet is the present—not the future.

5 to 10 years back, the app store was the second trillion-dollar opportunity. The entire ecosystem of smartphones and tablets and the cloud and applications moved computing into our hands.

And now the third trillion-dollar opportunity has finally arrived: virtual reality. This year for virtual reality is like 1994 for the Internet. The first commercial AI headsets will be launched. The chips are being developed. The storage is getting prepared. The entire infrastructure for the third trillion-dollar opportunity has been created in the past 20 years.

As an ordinary guy like us, we could only tap on the VR trend and make money. There are a handful of choices here:

  • It might indicate what stocks to buy – the biggest VR developers and investors.
  • It might indicate what businesses to start. And for every one trend there are 
many different businesses you can start. 
Either you want to start selling VR gadget online or physically in a shop, you know what you should be looking at – VR gadgets.
  • It gives you ideas that may morph into revenue streams that nobody has ever 
thought of before. 
You could earn money as a gamer by becoming an affiliate marketers.

Due to the growth and advancement of technology, it has enabled billions of people to connect more easily. In my opinion, the best way to make money from now through 2020 is by combining both The internet and Virtual Reality – affiliate marketing. It is the simplest and lucrative business model and it will still be in the next ten years.

It is solely based on my personal view and opinion.


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What will be the best way to make money 2020?