June 2016 Income Update

Homepreneurs is about helping readers make money, preferably from home.  One way to do this is to invest money and earn additional income from dividends.  I author a blog on Quora.com, specifically dedicated to income streams via dividends, REITs, and more.  Earning investment income is one way of making passive income – watch the dividends pay off while reading or writing your favorite novel.  This is my June 2016 Income Update.

The Quora blog is about investing for income from various sources. I use common stocks, REITs, and preferred stocks to try to create an income stream every month. I am doing this with a look toward the long-term and I generally buy stocks or funds that I can hold for years.

Dividends are reinvested into the paying company, in effect buying more shares or partial shares in most cases. The subsequent dividend payout goes up because I continue to add more shares.

This is my self-report for June 2016 from my income portfolio. It is not large, but for investors with more money, one can see how multiples of thousands of dollars makes a difference.

dividend income

In May 2016, I earned $27.55 in dividends.

For June, the last of the payments was distributed today, the last day of month. My total was $26.52.

Why the difference?

Some stocks, REITs, and funds pay monthly and others pay quarterly. In May, I received an AT&T quarterly payment. I will receive the next one in August. In June, I received a distribution from REET, a real estate investment trust. I won’t again until September.

I also occasionally buy and sell positions and that affects payouts as well. I hold onto my larger, core positions and nibble around the edges with minor ones. For instance, I recently added a small amount of APTS, but that is another quarterly payer and I will receive no distribution until October.

My larger core holdings are:

PGX, a preferred stock ETF

AT&T – the phone company

WSR – WhiteStone REIT – a smaller real estate investment trust

PFXF – VanEck preferred stock, also an ETF

STWD – Starwood, a REIT

STAG – Stag Industrials, a REIT

I have confidence in each of these positions and they pay dividends consistency and regularly. One of my “selling” criteria is a dividend cut by a company. This portfolio is designed to generate income and dividend cuts don’t help to achieve that goal.


I am not a professional investor or certified in any financial planning or investing. My portfolio is appropriate for my investing purposes but may not be for you. Investors are strongly encouraged to do their own research and recall that prior performance is not predicate of future results.

My @Quora post: June 2016 Income Update

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June 2016 Income Update

June 2016 Income Update