12 Ways To Make Money Using A Car

Do you own or have access to a car?  You can make money from driving and there are many options.  For most of these, you’ll need to be 18+, though 16 in a couple cases.  All jobs will want a licensed driver, a clean driving record, insurance, and some conduct background checks.


Many of these positions can be done at your time and on your schedule.  You’ll need access to apps via a smartphone, but the pay can be decent, from $10/hour to $25/hour or more.  This is a great part-time or second job for those that have the time and are interested in making a little extra money.


Deliver Pizza – Pizza is always on the menu.  Deliver pizzas for Pizza Hut, Dominos, Little Caesar’s, Papa Johns or local pizza chains.  Rates will vary based on location, but usually from $5 to $12 and any tips.


Deliver sandwiches – Jimmy Johns is a major nationwide chain and so is Subway.  These jobs pay around $9/hour, depending on demand and location, but tips can bring up wages. Some jobs require 18+, but some only 16 years old.  Valid driver’s license and background check are usually required.


HopSkipDrive – A driving service for transporting children.  “Care” drivers must be 23 or older, have a 10-year old or newer car, pass a 15-point inspection, an extensive background check, and references.  “Care” drivers can earn $30 per hour and have some schedule flexibility.  Only serves California as of December 2017.


Uber – The ride-sharing service.  Also deliver food and packages from local business. At your time.  Must be 21 and have a good driving record.


Lyft – Another ride-sharing service.  Choose where you drive and when.  Must be 21 and have a good driving record.


Doordash – offers pickup and delivery for food delivery for business, but is generally available in major North American major metro-areas. Must be 18, have clean driving record and DoorDash will perform a background check.



GrubHub – food delivery service to residential, primarily.  Must be 19 to 21, 2+ years driving experience, valid driver’s license and insurance, and pass a background check.


Amazon Flex – $18 to $25 an hour, delivering for Amazon.  Flexible schedule and available in 50 major markets. Need an iPhone or Android.


GetAround – Rent your idle car to people in your area. Car owners get paid monthly and the average owner makes $6000 a year. Drivers are fully covered by insurance during rental periods. Owners pay an initial $99 ‘connect’ fee and $20 per month to list a car.


Shipt – an on-demand grocery shopping and delivery service.  Earn up to $25 an hour.  You must be 18 or older, have a reliable car (15 years or newer), able to lift up to 25 pounds, possess a driver’s license and have insurance, and pass a background check.  Available in 13 states.


Instacart – another grocery shopping and delivery service. Workers here can just shop for customer pickup, too.  Earn $9 to $20 per hour depending on scheduling and demand.


Car Ads – there are a couple services that will pay you to drive around with advertisements on your car!  Autowrapped claims that its drivers can earn up to $3000 per month and you pay for gas and insurance only.  Pay Me For Driving is a similar site that is based out of the St. Louis-area.  18-years old, clean driving and criminal record are the major requirements.  Location and miles driven may be a consideration.