Cash For Used Books

Do you still have a copy of your high school or college reading list books?  Or maybe a textbook from a continuing education class you took last year?  Are these books holding up a table or gathering dust in the attic?  Many of those books, DVDs and CDs, are worth money.  I recently completed coursework in A&P and Pharmacology and decided to sell my texts online.

I sold my three used textbooks to and was quoted $140.54.  I printed out a FedEx label and immediately took the textbooks to a local FedEx for packing and sending: $5.49..  I’ll update when my PayPal account is credited.

Cash4Books – Cash4Books buys mostly used textbooks, but does buy some other used books.  From their sample list, I saw Plato’s Republic and The Prince by Machiavelli, for example.  Books must have an ISBN number.  Scan or input the number, get a quote and Cash4Books will send a box.  Upon receipt, they will issue a PayPal credit or send a check.


Half-Price-Books – I’ve sold dozens of books at Half-Price-Books.  Most locations buy more than just books, but also take CDs, DVDs, and Blue-Ray, too.  Common items are paid less, but cash is cash.

Other online options for selling books include: