25 Part-Time Job Ideas

Salary not cutting it? Need extra money for a big purchase? There are more options than one might think, even if one works full-time.

Sometimes a little creative thinking will help turn a hobby into a moneymaker. We looked through numerous websites and came up with some of our own ideas to make this list of 25 part-time job ideas.

There is no affiliate marketing, adsense, blogging or MLM listings in this list. If you are interested strictly in that kind of passive income, this isn’t your list. While some money is possible with blogging, etc., it is harder to get.

Below is a list of at least 25 jobs, many that can be done part-time and many that are work from home.

1) Surveys and Focus Groups – Take online surveys or join focus groups through sites like iPoll.com and focusgroup.com.

2) Be a Sports ref or umpire – little league, park districts, middle school, and high school leagues always need the striped officials.

– Most youth games are typically on weekend days or weekday nights
– Some leagues and ages will want certification. The high school leagues may require a referee to be “patched” or certified through a state organization.
– Certified umpires almost always earn more money than non-patched referees.
– Background checks are often mandatory for anyone involved with children and kid’s sports and some leagues will let teens be umps.


3) Baker – Do you like to bake cakes or make a wonderful pie or tiramisu? Other than being a hit with your friends and family, you can:

– Prepare desserts for special functions and sell them. Local festivals and other events that attract people are your market. Sell easily portable items. Like cookies and cakes.
– Write a recipe book or eBook with your favorites. Good food preparation books always sell.
– Make desserts at home and deliver then to a restaurant a couple times a week. Really. Or be the go-to baker for wedding cakes or local catering services.

4) Tutoring – Are you interested in sharing your knowledge or expertise in a certain academic field or other discipline? People will pay you to tutor their kids in:

– Academic subjects like math, science, and English
– ACT and SAT test preparation for college-bound students
– Music lessons for all ages
– You can do some of these online and some in-person, depending on the client.
– Singing
– Sports – I took my then- little league kid to see a former pro baseball player to help with his hitting.

5) Computer technician – Are you good with technology and can you remove malware or recover a hard drive?
Computers and tablets break and become infected with viruses and other malware all the time. Networks, home and business need to be set up and maintained to keep them running smoothly.

Aging of the population is a great opportunity for these jobs, too. Older people aren’t as likely to be up-to-date on the latest technology and will pay for help. Know what to do and solve problems like computer upgrades, hard-drive replacement, and create backups.
Learn more about becoming a computer technician from learn.org.

part time jobs

I had my own computer consulting business when I was between jobs. I charged $50 or more an hour for computers and network setup and maintenance. These is always a market for home and small business. Remember to keep track of miles driven and any equipment you need to buy. All may be tax-deductible. Talk to your CPA or tax professional.

6) Sell stuff on eBay – New or used, eBay is a huge market for all goods, from electronics to old toys and games. Do your research and find the prices and sell. eBay provides many suggestions for selling and setting up a virtual store.

I was able to dump some stuff that was still boxed and never used. I had the buyers come to my house and pay cash. Couldn’t be easier, but you might want to meet in a public third location so that no one knows where you live. Did the same for some concert tickets that I couldn’t use at the time. Sold online.

7) Sell other people’s stuff on eBay – Since you are now an eBay guru seller, work with friends or neighbors and take a percent from selling other people’s new and used stuff on eBay. Scrounge Craigslist, garage sales, and other second-hand sites for bargains and resell them for a profit.

8) Sell gently used clothing – Sorry, gentlemen, but these 6 websites are for women’s clothes. Children’s clothes can be sold on some, too.  All the below websites were verified on Jan 23, 2018.  Many other resale websites like thredup and Bib N Tuck have folded or consolidated.
Material World

9) Writing – Dazzle people with your precious prose. Let your inner voice be heard in your written words. Numerous websites want writers and are not limited to these:
People per hour

10) Rent out a room or house with Airbnb – Airbnb matches people with extra bedrooms or even entire houses to tourists and travelers looking for non-hotel or motel places to stay. Airbnb is great for business people, photographers or plain old people on vacation looking for a unique living arrangement.
A friend drove from Illinois to California and stayed in Airbnb places along the way. Karen had no problems and it was a much less expensive trip for her.

11) Build and manage websites – A lot of businesses need websites, either new ones or improvements to existing websites. Do you have a flair for design and layout? Knowledge of WordPress or CSS? This job may be for you. Plenty of information is available on the Internet and you can start with this one: Website Design. Community colleges and local libraries often offer courses in website design and are inexpensive.

12) Pet sitting or dog grooming – Do you like animals? When people leave town on vacation or business, they need someone watch over their beloved pets. Kennels are an option but leaving a pet at home is a much better choice. The pet sitter can take in mail and make the house look lived-in. A bunch of start-up information is available on rover.com. Be prepared with reference checks and maybe a background check.

13) Freelance audio transcription
A company sends you an audio file that you type out and send back. Simple. This could be medical, legal or other professional industries. Websites to look for these jobs include:


14) CPR or first-aid instructor – Teach others to save a life. Hold classes at community centers in your area. Below are the steps you’ll need to take:

Step 1: Obtain Basic-Level CPR Certification.
Step 2: Take the Red Cross Pre-Instructor Exam.
Step 3: Complete the First Required Course.
Step 4: Complete the Instructor Course.
Step 5: Teach a Class.
Step 6: Re-Certify as Required.
Check out the American Heart Association at www.heart.org for details

15) Narrate audiobooks – Have a nice and smooth speaking voice? This option may be for you.

Rates range from $50 to $300 dollars for completed audio hour. Pay depends on experience and success.
Check out Amazon’s audio book website for self-publishers www.acx.com for more information.

16) Detail cars – Buy an orbital buffer and shop vacuum and get paid $100 to $200 to remove scratches and polish/wax a car. The initial investment in tools will be paid off after the first couple jobs. Popular Mechanics even has a how-to article about detailing a car.

17) Deliver pizzas – Work part-time on weekends and weeknights delivering pizza for a chain or local place. Pay depends on how much you work, but a driver can make hundreds per week. A current driver’s license and reasonably good driving record is needed. Pizza Hut, for example, has hundreds to thousands of delivery jobs available on their website. More information on 12 Ways To Make Money With A Car.

18) Donate plasma – You can make $200 to $300 per month and potentially save lives by donating your plasma. The experience is similar to donating blood. Potential donors undergo medical screenings and the procedure takes 90 minutes to 2 hours.
http://www.donatingplasma.org/ for information and to find plasma centers near you.

19) House-sit
When people are away on business or for vacations, they don’t want to worry about their house. A reliable and local person can charge a fair nightly rate to take in mail, turn lights on and off, and make the rounds of the home. Need some tips on how to become a house sitter? Trustedhousesitters.com has a lot of information about this part-time job.

20) Donate sperm – Men – in good health? If between 18 and 32 and have good genes, go to a local sperm bank, fill out a profile and make a couple hundred dollars per week. More information is available on infertility resources.

21) Drive for Uber
Do you have a car in decent condition? Is your driving record clean? Can you pass a background check? Are you interested in making money? Drive on your schedule for Uber. Apply, pass their background checks, and you could be driving as soon as next week. More information on becoming an Uber driver.

22) Record online classes – Expert in a field?  Record online classes at home with Udemy’s recording program. Most classes sell for $10 to $30 – Udemy claims to have paid $17 million dollars to its top instructors. Information on Udemy.

23) Write and self-publish eBooks – The future of books is digital. Make money by writing and publishing your own eBooks. Publish for free on Smashwords (iBooks, Barnes and Noble), Kindle, and Google Play, and cover most of the eBook market. eBooks pay monthly or quarterly and once published, will pay out an ongoing stream of passive income. Month after month. I receive $5 to $10 in royalties every month from previously published eBooks.

24) Voice over recordings – Similar to recording eBooks, maybe being a professional voice over actor is in your future. Check into voicebunny.comEdgeStudio.com is another voice-over website to explore.

25) Translation jobs – Fluent in multiple languages? The three websites below provide translation jobs and services. Fluency in multiple languages is useful for many positions from financial planning to real estate and medical positions. Even if you have a little knowledge of a second language, community colleges provide language classes inexpensively. Learn and earn!



By Dion Shaw

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