About Us

Homepreneurs was launched several years ago during the Great Recession.  Initially designed for a graduate class, Homepreneurs took flight; after two years or so, the blog at homepreneurs.wordpress.com eclipsed the 100,000 visitor mark.

Homepreneurs was the brainchild of Dion Shaw, MSPM.  Mr. Shaw wrote the vast majority of the articles and incorporated social media links to spread its information.

Homepreneurs is an informational website and does not sell products directly.  The founder and writer has several ebooks for sale on various e-Retailers.


about us


Homepreneurs provides business ideas from basic home business to potential careers.  Homepreneurs also has Quick Money ideas like selling on eBay or Etsy.  In additional, this website shares technology tips and other business information.

The Homepreneurs world includes: