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Patti Hale of HowtoFindWorkFromHome has done it again.  In this post from last week, Patti informs us that many call center type jobs are coming back onshore.  The major reason cited: language issues.   When language issues are combined with a lack of understanding of the customer’s lifestyle, slang, and other disparities, the offshore interaction…

Get Paid to Teach Children From Home

Work from home is a dream for many.  Home based jobs often give flexibility, greater job opportunity, and some pay quite well.  This is a great opportunity to use your education and experience to teach children from home. is a company that provides online education for children from kindergarten through high school. Online education…

Top Pay Work at Home Jobs

According to, this list has 10 high paying work from home jobs.  These are not data-entry positions, but include computer engineers, financial managers, and even radiologists. Work from home and great pay?  Pretty good deal, I think.,.   5 Internet Work From Home Jobs Here are several more options that are basically work…

Work from Home – Micro Jobs Online

Interested in earning a few dollars here and there? Online? From home? From Starbucks? From anywhere? These micro jobs are probably not enough to make a full-time living, but they can provide second incomes or supplement unemployment of retirement income. You may be able to use the equipment you already own or maybe even library or other public computers in some cases.

Stock Photo Sites – Sell Here

Eye for photography? Sell your stock photos at the sites listed on HowToWorkFromHome. Stock photo sites allow photographers to “stock pile” their photographs and sell them (or more correctly) license them over and over again, month after month, year after year to the tune of a six figure income.